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December 29, 2001

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Trisha Patterson Tillman & Mrs. Patterson

Kay Judy Connelly and Virginia Judy

Teresa & Dennis Paschal

Trisha Gaines Sievers, William Callin, Virginia Gaines Callin, Mrs. Patterson, Trisha Patterson Tillman,Jane McMullen Howe

David and Cynde Beckner, Diane Crowe

Hugh & Doris Price, Doris (Price) Cannon & Jerry Cannon

Mike Benoit, Janet Wood, Valerie Wood Benoit

   Steve and Shirley Jones, Teresa Paschal

T-Bone Zell and Melissa DeFreese Garrett

Charlene Mathis Shipp and Nancy Bagby Archer

Trisha Gaines Sievers, Ron Foster, Priscilla Bagby Hynes   

William Callin, Trisha Gaines Sievers, Virginia Gaines Callin

Steve Mills, Glenn & Barbara Johnson, Ray Myers

Steve & Shirley Jones

Tommye Crosby and Valerie Wood Benoit

Alice Mills, Janet Wood, Virginia Judy

Jim Hardegree and Shirley Jones Jones   

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Susie Raese Creech, Ann Raese, Lynda DeFreese Beavers, Mary Raese Fifield

   Ron Foster, Priscilla Bagby Hynes, Jim Hardegree
The Great Bartenders: David Maddox & Don Connelly
Buzz Crowe, Eddie and Patsy Turner, Bill Born
Steve Mills, Janice Pyron Wagoner, Paul Senkbeil
Bill and Kay Mather, Lynn Zell

            and Ellen Sprayberry

Tony and Kathy (Thompson) Taylor

Marsha (Bowman) and Bob Houck, Bonnie Keaton Chafin, Scotty Coleman

Pat Frontier Maddox, Sally Beggs Thomas, Susie Raese Creech
     Vangie Jenkins, Dane and Vikki Coleman, Carol Coleman Nancy Bagby Archer and Ray Myers

Nancy Bagby Archer, Mrs. Bagby, Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Jean (Weldon) and Ted Penrod

Valerie Wood Benoit, Steve Jones, Shirley Jones Jones, Trisha Gaines Sievers
Stacy Griffin Novak and Glenn Welch
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Sally (Beggs) and Ron Thomas

Sally Beggs Thomas, Jim Hardegree, Susie Raese Creech

Dot Eley Poss, Jane Eley Kay, Joe Dennis, Louis Rice

Kathy Williams,Jackie Almond ,Kathy Thompson Taylor, Charlene Mathis Shipp,Stacy Griffin Novak, Lynn Zell, Nancy Bagby Archer

Patsy and Eddie Turner

    xmas011.jpg (26893 bytes) AHS Christmas2.jpg (30462 bytes)

Phil (Wayne)Sprayberry, Ron and Sally (Beggs) Thomas, Bobby Armstrong

Christine Foster, Marion and Ron Foster

xmas012.jpg (23281 bytes)
Jim Hardegree
Lynn Zell, Bill Zell, Theresa Bone Zell

Carol and Scotty Coleman, Pat Frontier Maddox

MVC-024S copy.jpg (75589 bytes)

Bill Farr and Shannon Crumpler

Mary Raese Fifield, Bob Ailion, Susie Raese Creech

   Mrs. Doris  Price and Mrs. Patterson Bill Zell and Lynn Zell

Pat Frontier Maddox and Bill Mather

Stacy Griffin Novak and Trisha Patterson Tillman

Janet Langley

Stacy Griffin Novak, Jean Weldon Penrod, Trisha Patterson Tillman

Doris and Hugh Price with daughter Doris Price Cannon   


Johnny Mills

Lynda DeFreese Beavers and Melissa DeFreese Garrett



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