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                                     Holiday Gathering 2003

December 27, 2003

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   Ada and Frank Busbee   
Buzzy and Dianne Crowe, Gene Lee
Buzzy Crowe, Giles Davis, Pat Frontier Maddox
David and Regina Adams
David Maddox, Mary Rose Thompson Lane, Nora Geer

Teresa and Dennis Paschal

Don Connelly, Bobby Armstrong, Gene Lee, Suzanne Richardson Johnson, Kay Judy Connelly

Gene Lee and Suzanne Richardson Johnson

  jj03-1214.jpg (98473 bytes)      jj03-1215.jpg (68870 bytes) Kay Judy Connelly, Teresa Paschal

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Mary Rose Thompson Lane and Nora Geer

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Mary Rose Thompson Lanex
Cathy and Harry Evans '63x

Steve Mills, David & Regina Adams, Gene Lee, Pat Frontier Maddox,  , Buzzy Crowex

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