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January 26, 2002                                                               Click on thumbnail to see larger image.

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Doris Price and Jerry Cannon, and Pat Frontier Maddox man1B-02jpg.jpg (54139 bytes) David Maddox and Buzzy Crowe

February 23, 2002

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Clark Howard joins our group!

Back row: Bill Zell, Jim Hardegree, Pat Maddox, Clark Howard, 
Front row: Mary Fifield, Susie Creech, David & Regina Adams, Tommye Crosby, Teresa & Dennis Paschal, T-Bone Zell

April 27, 2002

Jim Hardegree

Dianne Crowe, Regina Adams, Cindy Beckner

Sally and Ron Thomas in foreground

Buzz Crowe, Tim Phillips, Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas, Doris & Jerry Cannon, Melissa Defreese Garrett

Susie Raese Creech, Mary Raese Fifield, Mike & Valerie Benoit, Teresa Paschal, Sally Thomas

David Adams, Don Connelly, David Maddox

Susie Raese Creech, Mary Raese Fifield, Ellen Sprayberry

Phil-Wayne and Ellen Sprayberry, Mike Beckner, Pat Maddox, Doris Cannon, Teresa & Dennis Paschal

Jerry Cannon, Jim Hardegree, Don Connelly, David Maddox, Mike Beckner

Jay Aiken, David Beckner, Mike Beckner, Dennis Paschal    

May 19, 2002

Melissa Defreese Garrett,Susie Raese Creech, Valerie Wood Benoit, Kay Judy Connelly, Priscilla Bagby Hynes, Shirley Pavey Moore

Melissa Defreese Garrett, Susie Raese Creech, Shirley Pavey Moore, Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Bobby Armstrong & Kay Judy Connelly

Pat Frontier Maddox, Dennis Paschal, Mike (Mickey) Lingle

Bobby Armstrong & Kay Judy Connelly

Don Connelly, Jean Weldon & Ted Penrod, Mike (Mickey) Lingle, Tim Phillips

Melissa Defreese Garrett & Shirley Pavey Moore

Diane Crowe, Melissa Defreese Garrett, Shirley Pavey Moore, Priscilla Bagby Hynes, Kay Judy Connelly

Shirley Pavey Moore, Melissa Defreese Garrett, Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Sandra and Grant Strauss

Melissa,Susie,Valerie,Kay, Priscilla--Shirley in front.

not pictured: Sally & Ron Thomas; Doris & Jerry Cannon; Jim Hardegree; Buzzy Crowe; David Maddox;

June 29, 2002

Bobby Armstrong, Cindy and David Beckner, Jim Hardegree

Teresa Paschal, Ellen Sprayberry, Kay Judy Connelly, Diane Pearson Kirwan

Mike and Valerie Benoit, Glenn Johnson

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Pat Frontier Maddox, Kay Judy Connelly, Diane Pearson Kirwan

Don Connelly, David Maddox, Trisha and Ricky Reyer, Dennis Paschal