Class of '63

40th Reunion
Oct. 4, 2003

         John Entrekin, Billy Wadsworth, Pete Whitehead, Kay Cost          Fay Morgan Swennes, Kay Cost Donegan, Sherron Reiley Doss, Thom Poss, Jill Aderholt Thompson, Adele Ahlquist          Pete Whitehead        Doug Connell and Tommy Barnes         Fay Morgan Sweenes, Kay Cost Donegan,Claire Harbin Tanner,Jill Aderholt Thompson, Sherron Reilly Doss, Adele Ahlquist
         ?, Adele Ahlquist, Andy Sarratt         Gene Hickman and Steve Bishop          George Puckett, Tommy Leslie, Tommy Barnes, ?, ?        Claire Harbin Tanner, Pat Sustakovitch Richards, Elaine Kemp Walters, Linda Milligan Stockton         ?, ?, Elaine Kyle Black
         Pat Winfrey, Pam Hale, Nancy Powell Wadsworth, Sherron Reiley Doss         Al Brown, Winky Wells, Pete Whitehead          Pat Frontier Maddox, Pete Whitehead, Kay Judy Connelly, Al Brown