Travel to the Grand Paschal Gap
with Dennis & Teresa Paschal
August 2003

the Grand Paschal Gap.jpg (132379 bytes)
The Grand Paschal Gap

enjoying the peace and quiet.jpg (96317 bytes)
Teresa enjoying the peace & quiet

flowers in the hedge.jpg (87492 bytes)

Flowers in the hedge

garden spot we didn't plant.jpg (112418 bytes)
Garden spot we didn't plant

gazing ball.jpg (93066 bytes)
Is that Dennis in the Gazing Ball?

hollyhock in the hedge.jpg (71327 bytes)
Hollyhock in the hedge

Japanese Lanterns without Hummingbirds.jpg (114071 bytes)
Japanese Lanterns without Hummingbirds

kid's old play house on the Teresa Paschal Memorial Pathway.jpg (113210 bytes)
Kids old playhouse on Teresa
Paschal Memorial Pathway

my gas meter on the north west corner of Paschal Manor.jpg (98192 bytes)
My gas meter on the NW corner
of Paschal Manor

storage shed on inter-Paschal connector to garden.jpg (83800 bytes)
Storage shed on inter-Paschal
connector to garden

outdoor water supply also known as Paschal Falls.jpg (71774 bytes)
Outdoor water supply also known
as Paschal Falls

weeds of the third level.jpg (139734 bytes)
Weeds of the third level