More car talk from Chuck Ehrhart...

Oh yes - the male rite of passage - was in fact "the first car"... the first taste of true independence - freedom to go where ever and whenever, to be the master of your own destiny, popularity beyond your wildest dreams (but only with those who needed a lift) and the ultimate chick magnet - provided the car was running, you were not on restriction and had $1.00 for gas - which could get you better than 3 gallons. For me it was a red 1959 Chevrolet Impala with a 348 V8, 325 HP with three dueces and a 3 speed on the floor. Red with red interior. I bought it from fellow AHSer Greg Rush '66 - he had a used car lot either beside or part of a Bay filling station on Memorial Drive across from the Burger Chef. For it I gave $325.00 hard earned dollars I earned from delivering the Decatur Dekalb News and selling women's shoes (talk about a sweet job) at Baker's Shoe Store at Belvedere (also with fellow AHSers Doug Embry, Melvin Brooks and Bobby Vickery). That
old car saw a lot of action. Going to the Blue/White Game, Pizza by Candlelight, Scott Drive-In ( to see the Ghost and Mr Chicken with Don
Knotts) Hess Drive, broken down countless times, burning rubber until the right rear retread actually popped, and finally watching her go up in flames due to a wiring short at McDonald's on Glenwood Road after having been to the Glenwood Drive-In (where else?)

Through all the catastrophes, that young lady I pursued just would not give up on me. Gail Franzen (Class of '66)and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary and are looking forward to our first grandchild in about a month.

What a great forum!!
Chuck Ehrhart '67
[Now that's a great story!  Thanks, Chuck!  And, selling women's shoes?...
Oh, man!  The dream job of every young guy!  Congrats on your anniversary
and your first grandchild!]

April 2, 2002