Hey, everyone.  I've been reading the A-mail regularly and really enjoy it very much. My first car was a cherry red 1951 Pontiac convertible.  Its nickname was Stanley Steamer.  It smelled of mildew, had a straight 6
cylinder in it.  It did have a stick shift, but was not a hurst .  I heard the snickers when people at school saw it, but heck, it was my first car. One cold afternoon, I was picking up my younger brother, Randy, from
basketball practice.  As I cranked up Stanley , someone came by me and revved up their engine. The big mistake I then made was to reciprocate.  I blew a rod.  I managed to get it home, only to have my father bless me out.  The
next day he drove it to his body shop. Enroute, the oil stick blew out and put a big ding in the hood.  Next car was better, a 1959 Impala convertible. Nice, but not my first.  I will never forget the Stanley Steamer!!!

Once again, I really enjoy this website.  It brings back so many good (and not so good) memories.  Until next time---

Lee Stanley

April 2, 2002