Double Dating with Ducks.
 December 08, 1999
 Harold Bright sent this to show what a
 wonderful humanitarian he is.  He writes:
Then there was the night we decided to take the ducks to Hensler's! I don't remember who was with me that fatal night, but we'll just say it was Gene
(but I think it was John Mangrum's car). Maury Peabody had a habit at the time of picking up stray dogs, taking them to various hamburger places,
and giving them a square meal. Maury would show up with a dog riding shotgun looking like his date and 'his date' would get the meal of its life. We
thought this was a very humane thing to do and since our lives from early childhood had centered around Avondale Lake (actually David Payne
believes that he evolved from reptilian forms in the lake, i.e., he was born with gills and at a very early age crawled upon the land in front of the Club
and was adopted by his older brother Terry who was fishing when he noticed 'little David' emerge from the moss), we naturally thought of the
reptiles and waterfowl who we imagined would greatly appreciate a night of buttered fries and lemonade at Hensler's. It took us longer than we expected to
catch several of the big fat white ducks and we had no training whatsoever in proper duck handling techniques. Ducks are incredibly strong and can be
aggressive. I have never had a desire to handle (touch, see, or think about) one since that night. But we managed to get several ducks into John's
(again, I think it was his car) backseat where I would try to comfort them during their first ride in a GTO with "3-twos". Well, what I never
thought about was that even 'tame' ducks have never been 'potty trained'. Before I realized it... with hysterical ducks all over me in the back
seat...EVERYTHING including my PANTS were covered with black stuff that comes in large quantities from panicky ducks. When we arrived at
Hensler's they had already closed for the night. We were so upset at having the backseat of the car and my pants ruined that we took the ducks and put
them in a phone booth (at or near Hensler's can't remember). Well the owner of the car was furious, but I had a bigger problem... how to get in my
house with no pants. I had taken them off and thrown them away because they were in such bad shape . During those days I usually got home after my
parents went to bed, but my mother would always be lying awake in bed and come check me out when I came in... so I knew I would be 'inspected'. When I got
home my only hope was to unlock the front door (her cue) and move much faster than usual to the stairway to my upstairs room and get up the stairs
where she would hopefully only inspect my upper half at the top of the stairs.  It worked though she did have a puzzled look on her face like something
just wasn't right. The only other time I came home like that without my pants... well that's another story... but Gene was definitely involved on the
other occasion.
It's a beautiful day in Huntsville AL... a little chilly but that just
means I get to crank up my woodstove tonight and listen to it roar while
I close my eyes and remember those thrilling days of yesteryear ...
 HighOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Silver Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! HB