Jim Graves also has cars on his mind...

At the urging of Sam Reeves I will enter my personal description of memorable cars that were driven daily to the Avondale parking lot. I had a 1950, black, Chevrolet "Business Coupe". This meant that instead of a back
seat, there was a wooden platform. Any car driven as a Junior was transportation for many more to Henslers after school, seat or no seat. I remedied the situation with 2 Coca Cola crates and a wooden stool. The Coca
Cola crates would not balance all that well on solid ground and were hell in a moving car. I remember one episode where Marshall Ausburn, Steve Noble and Teddy McMullin all went flying in a tangled mess around one aggressive

I got some help one night when John Stroupe and Sam Reeves put an old toilet in the back while the car was parked in the Davidson's parking lot. This car's worse trait was sticking gears when the column shifter was pulled from 2nd to 1st. This required a hasty exit, usually in heavy traffic, raising the hood and pushing the gears back into alignment with a stick that I kept for the purpose. The old Chevy does bring back warm memories of my father. I
was told repeatedly that I would never drive a car to school. I accepted being a car less high schooler as my fate. He had taught me to drive in it, and had used the Chevy as a service car at his Sinclair Service Station. His
bark always worse than his bite, he gave it to me when I was 15. I drove it illegally for 6 months before my 16th birthday. When we sold it for $50, my Dad thought that we had received more than fair market value. Can you
imagine, a running car for $50? Now that dates us doesn't it? I would love to have it back again for one more ride.

A quote from Bob Dylan concerning old friends and times past is appropriate
here, " I wish, I wish, I wish remain...that we could sit simply in that
room again, ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, and I'd give it all
gladly, if our lives could be like that".

I pass the baton to Bobby Ailion. He, of the Fiat with no reverse gear.
 Jim Graves '66
[I can see how a toilet would come in handy when your passengers had the
s**t scared out of them!  Okay, Bobby, let's hear about the Fiat!]

April 2, 2002