When you start on cars, you just can't keep me down. Like it was yesterday, I remember the drag races on I-20 ( great
place to race then, cause there was no traffic). The old A-Model and Decatur High Fights, I mean games. And DeKalb
Cy. Police Car #33. I think a lot of us sat in the back of that of that car. And the old golf course, I'm surprised that
none of us got killed driving out there. The first car I was officially turned loose in was my mothers green/white
Rambler. We had and dash controlled exhaust cut-out on it and Oldsmobile tail lights. Hot stuff. I got my license
first thing in the morning on my birthday, and by 9:00 that night I had already had my first ticket! I can probably
speak for all of us in saying if our kids acted like us we would kill them.  Other good news, Pam & I are expecting our first grand-baby thanks to my 28 year old son and his wife, and Pam and I leave for Paris tomorrow for a nice little vacation (maybe I can get some class).
Bob B "65"