You wanna go turtle fishing at Avondale Lake?  I think that's something like riding a bicycle, once you learn how you never forget it.  I was good, very good, in about 1963.  I also caught a 9 lb. bass out of Avondale Lake in about 1962.  A picture of me and the bass appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Mr. Hayes, Lolly's father, took the picture.  I don't know if I ought to get around ducks, though. I think there are quite a few down there now.  I get a little crazy when I hear quacking now.  Back about that time, there was also a photo... I kid you not... in the Atlanta Journal Constitution... ... of an Avondale cop, Slick Baldwin, I think, standing beside a duck that had been lynched on the Mimosa tree in front of the clubhouse.  It was a large picture and it was big news.  They never caught the 'rustlers' that did it.  I think Gene or David Payne probably know something about it. It was horrible, ducks tongue hanging out like that and all.  There were some pretty  rough characters around back then.  It was probably Jerry Gulledge, although, I didn't see any blood coming out of the duck's ears.  

 LoveYa Man.. DwD