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Reunion Committee Meetings

The Final Follow-up 40th Reunion Committee Meeting 

David Adams and Pat Frontier Maddox

Patty Dennis, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Doris and Jerry Cannon, Sally Beggs Thomas

Joe Dennis and Ron Thomas

Patty Dennis, Brenda Kilpatrick Watkins, Doris Price Cannon, Pat Frontier Maddox

The September 2005 Reunion Committee Meeting

92005-1.jpg (50384 bytes)      92005-2.jpg (65832 bytes)      92005-3.jpg (70593 bytes)      92005-4.jpg (61269 bytes)


The April 2000 Reunion committee meeting was attended by the following:


Front row, left to right: Melissa DeFreese Garrett, Theresa Bone Zell, Doris Price Cannon, Dottie Matthews Hill, Jean Fortson Kirby, Tricia Gaines Seivers, Sharon Brazie Coleman, Tricia Patterson Tillman, and Pat Thigpen Northcutt. Back Row, Left to Right: Joe Dennis, Jerry Cannon, Bill Zell, Jakey Adams, And Dennis Paschal

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Mary Lou, Gene Lee, Joe Dennis, & David Adams
David Adams
Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Dottie Matthews Hill

Pat, Sharon, Suzanne, Gene
committee4.gif (19754 bytes)

Pat Frontier Maddox
Bruce Mather
Joe Dennis & Bruce

Paul & the late Mary Lou (Gaston) Senkbeil