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Mike Murphy with his new family,  twins Dina,  Dana & Az

Jerry & Doris Price Cannon family,with ggrandparents Hugh & Doris Price

Lynn Cain Twiford '68, her son, WO Charles W. Chapman III, and brother, Mike Cain '60 Pat Thigpen Northcutt Family:
Rob,David, Pat's Dad, Bill Thigpen and grandsons Dylan, Isaac, Ian. Karen Nesbitt and son Jeff in front of his sculpture in Burbank, CA

Jim & Becki Partee Johnson

slocumjones5.jpg (60234 bytes)    slocumjones4.jpg (30258 bytes)  slocumjones3.jpg (24717 bytes) slocumjones2.jpg (33142 bytes) Daughter of Teresa and Dennis Paschal

Daughter of Teresa & Dennis Paschal

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Michael Slocum, Jr. Robby Foraker,
son-in-law of
Janet & Mike Slocum
Stephanie Foraker with daughter Madison Janet(Jones)and
Mike Slocum
Michael & Keren (Paschal) Barr

Jim and Kris (Paschal) Whitley

Rick &Tricia Reyer with Connor & Allyson
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   Dewey Brown Brooke,Jennifer,Brett,
Dana,Pete & Mark
Marc Jordan Family

Larry and Robin Dollins Woelfl Family

Melanie Slocum and dad, Mike

Uncle Harold Backyard
with Daisy, Hunter &Natchez

Jenni Jones Swanson with Dad, Steve Jones

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Cannon1.jpg (47858 bytes) John, Tracy (Harris) & Megan

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Steve & Shirley Jones, Steve, Jenni and others,(WMWGC-Jack on the right) Kitty & Ray Cannon, sons
Ryan and Chris
John, Tracy (Harris) & Megan

Kim Thompson Harris

Mike & Valerie Wood
   Benoit Family

Martha, Jennie, Frank
             Owen '64

Phyllis Phillips Pruitt, son Ryan, Bride Terri and mom, Joy Sherman Carter -Wedding in Turks & Caicos Is.
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   Daughter & Son-in-law of Kim Thompson Harris "64     

Son&Daughter-in-law of Bill & Diana Lynch Schnaufer

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Son, Daughter-in-law, grandson of Bill & Diana Lynch Schnaufer

Arthur & Lillie Young, Andrew, Kelley, Linda Young Price ('64), Julia, Leonard Price, Patty Young (sis-in-law) Gene Lee,Suzanne Richardson Johnson,
Ray, Rebekah, Breland

Jennifer, daughter of Clay Jenkins

Adam & Kathy Harris-McCaffrey

Doug & Melinda

   Bill & Diana Lynch 

Araceli, Chris &
Sergio Schnaufer

Linda joins our family page!

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Linda Lewellan Livingston

Mike and Shelley
Murphy in Seattle

Karen Nesbitt '64
with Suki & Sadie

Doug & Drew Ayers
Son & grandson of Rick and Margo Ayers

Matt Jenkins son of
Clay & Cathy Jenkins

Phil Nunnally, Shirley Jones Jones, Curt Nunnally

Melanie and Curt Nunnally
(Son of Shirley Jones Jones & Neal Nunnally'62)

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Shirley and Steve Jones at the wedding of her son, Curt
Nunnally, Oct 13 

Greg Norman and family

Alan Thornton '70 Tracey & Tricia
daughters of  Pat
Frontier Maddox &Alvin Mashburn

Craig & Josette Schnaufer

Billy & Marva Schnaufer

Kathy & Robert

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Ray, Rebekah, Breland
son-in-law of Suzanne RichardsonJohnson)

Hank and Susan Elder Pam and Bob Bishop Kay and Don Connelly And a friend from Aiken

Rich Patsios with
daughter "P"

Karen Nesbitt with her Dad,Rudy

Jill, Brice, Scott

Cathy Owen Nisbet
 and Dixielee

Mel and Shirley Pavey Moore
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David & Pat Frontier Maddox in Cabo San Lucas

Rich, Nancy, David, Kelli Brinsfield

Billy & Maureen Brice,
parents,Julie Bettress
and George Brice

All AHS grads & their families: Brices, Bettresses, Greens, Sanders

Mack & Maya Brice AHS Daughters L to R:  Rachel-Tommy Bettress '76
Jill-Bill & Maureen Bettress Brice'67'68
Trisha-Dick & Nelie Bettress Wilson '74
Nelie-Fred Bettress & Debbie Almond '70

Bert Braswell
mother of Sally

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Malcolm & Joyce Humphries Vest, Malinda (Vest) & Landon Lanier, Jennifer Vestx

Melissa & Rob Edgarton
(dau.of David & Karen Seay Smith '70)
Billy & Maureen Brice
and family with
Coach Erk Russell

Greetings from the Pete Whitehead Family 2006

Marine GySgt Jim Cavin
Richard & Sherri Nash

David & Pat Blissit Larkins and their granddaughters
Alyson & Hana

Kathy Cain (wife of Mike Cain'60), Shelly Cain Tarrant, Emily Mariah Tarrant

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