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April 24, 2010

Maury Peabody

Jeanne Lane Black

Mike (Mickey) Lingle

Glenn Johnson & Susan Albright Hayes

Susan Albright Hayes, Glenn Johnson, Yippey Kutsche White

Susan Albright Hayes, Maury Peabody, Yippey Kutsche White

Andy Odom and Sidney

Glenn Johnson, Mike Lingle, Jeanne Lane Black


Dec. 30, 2006

jj06-1230-1.jpg (135193 bytes)

April 22, 2006 Pete & Dana Whitehead, Larry & Denise Stephenson, Norris & MaryAnne Cruthirds
Mar. 28, 2006

Patricia & David Bentley

Stacy Burnette, Perry Stringer, Paul Senkbeil

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Pat Frontier Maddox, Jane Eley Kay, Coach Marcus Searcy

Jerry Cannon, Pam Brown & husband, Barry

jj06-306.jpg (64332 bytes)

Melissa Defreese Garrett, Pam Brown

Pat Frontier Maddox, Coach Miles

Coach Mark Adams, Kathleen Murphy Webb

Frank Owen, Pam Brown, Tommy Poss, Andy Odom

jj06-311.jpg (117904 bytes)

Champion Basketball Player surrounded by Coach Miles, Coach Davis, Coach Searcy

jj06-313.jpg (122579 bytes)

jj06-327.jpg (117507 bytes)

Stacy Burnette, Coach Mark Adams, Perry Stringer

jj06-316.jpg (117964 bytes)

jj06-317.jpg (117959 bytes)

Proud Mom!

Coach Searcy accepting plaque for his team

Coach Edwina Bryant, Pam Brown, Martha Bullard Staples

Martha Bullard Staples, Jane Eley Kay, Coach Edwina Bryant

The Champs!

Coach Adams, Kathleen Murphy Webb

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Mar. 26, 2005

Miss B with flowers from David Adams

Miss B giving out smiley faces to those who did their homework

Jerry & Jackie Foster, Bobby & Alice Foster

Miss B & Peggy Paschal

Glenn Johnson greeting the Foster Brothers, Jerry & Bobby

Miss B with Doris (Price) & Jerry Cannon

Teresa  Paschal trading stories with Miss B

Jerry Cannon, Frank Owen, Susie Raese Creech, Melissa DeFreese Garrett

Earl & Stephanie Strand Blomeyer, Miss B

Jerry Cannon, Andy Odom

Earl, Dianne & Buzzy Crowe, David & Regina Adams,Miss B, Jerry Cannon, Tommy Poss, Andy Odom, Teresa Paschal, Stephanie, Nora Geer, Peggy Paschal, David Beckner

Raese Sisters, Susie and Mary

Peggy Paschal, Susie and Mary

Doris & Jerry with Glenn Johnson

Miss B, Stephanie & Pat Frontier Maddox

Earl, Glenn, & Stephanie

Glenn with the Foster Brothers,Bobby, Jerry & wives Alice & Jackie


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