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June 2001                                                

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Phil (Wayne) and Ellen Sprayberry

Janice Pyron Wagoner & Paul Senkbeil

Doris (Price) and Jerry Cannon and Dave Milner

Tricia&Ricky Reyer, Allyson, Connor, Kathy&Jimmy Clifton

Janice's surprise birthday cake

Kathy & Jimmy Clifton

Bill Johnson, Mary Fifield Raese, Susie Raese Creech, Jakey Adams

Tricia and Ricky Reyer

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Janice Pyron Wagoner, Phil and Ellen Sprayberry

Jakey Adams and Dave Milner

Dave Milner, Pat Frontier Maddox, Paul Senkbeil

Bunny (Jones) and Bill Johnson

Mary Raese Fifield and Susie Raese Creech

Allyson and Connor

Ricky Reyer, Bill Johnson & Susie Raese Creech

Ricky Reyer, Bill Johnson, Mary Raese Fifield, Susie Raese Creech

Sunset on the pier

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Bill & Bunny Johnson's deck

Cousins Linda Mayo Johnson & Dave and Diana Milner

Shirley Jones in jail while rest are frolicking at Jekyll

Linda Mayo, Nancy Bagby, Lynn "Zelda"Zell, Kathy Thompson, Stacy Griffin

David Milner

Janice Pyron Wagoner & Tom Senkbeil

Chuck Tolbert