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Wednesday Night Dinner and Sunset on St. Simon's

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Allyson Reyer, Bunny Jones Johnson, Susie Raese Creech, Trisha Reyer

Mary Raese Fifield

Tricia, Ricky, Connor Reyer

Bill Johnson, Ricky Reyer

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Ricky Reyer, Jim Hardegree, Susie Raese Creech

Mary Raese Fifield, Susie Raese Creech

Jim Hardegree, Mary Raese Fifield, Susie Raese Creech

Thursday Evening Shrimp Boil

Ricky and Tricia Reyer

Ellen Sprayberry and Janice Pyron Wagoner

Don and Kay (Judy) Connelly

Valerie (Wood) and Mike Benoit

Dianne Crowe, Tommye Crosby, Susie Raese Creech

Dianne Crowe, Tommye Crosby, Susie Raese Creech, Steve Mills

Earl Goggans and Phil (Wayne) Sprayberry

Tommye Crosby, Ellen Sprayberry, Janice Pyron Wagoner

Connor and Allyson Reyer

Don Connelly the Caligrapher

Tricia Reyer, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Tricia Gaines Sievers

Mike and Valerie (Wood)Benoit and Jimmy Clifton

Jim Hardegree

Ricky Reyer and Tommye Crosby

Bill (Buddy) Rodgers and Phil (Wayne) Sprayberry

Jimmy Clifton, Al McKee, Sandy and Billy Winzler

Connor Reyer

Susie Raese Creech and Tommye Crosby

Susie Raese Creech and Tom Sisson

Trisha Patterson Tillman, Don Connelly, Mike Benoit

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Sylvia Miller and her daughter, Sarah

Dianne, Cheyenne & Phil (Buzzy) Crowe, Bill (Buddy) Rodgers

Kay and Don Connelly

Mike & Valerie Benoit, Ricky & Tricia Reyer, Pat & David Maddox

Phil & Ellen Sprayberry, Paul Senkbeil, Janice Pyron Wagoner

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Tricia Gaines Sievers, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Susia Raese Creech,Mary Raese Fifield, Steve Mills

Brenda Gail Kilpatrick Watkins

Pat Frontier Maddox and Bill (Mud) Johnson

Tom Sisson, Sylvia Miller, Sarah Miller, Ron Sisson, John Chappell

Bubba Hardegree

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