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Priscilla Bagby Hynes & Shirley Pavey Moore

Chef Bill Johnson

Hugh Geatens and Trisha (Patti) Gaines Sievers

 Low country boil


 front row: Bill Johnson, Diane Crowe, Susie Raese Creech. back: Bunny Jones Johnson, Shirley Pavey Moore, Buzzy Crowe, Melissa Defreese Garrett, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Mary Raese Fifield, Frank Owen, Trisha (Patti)Gaines Sievers

Shirley Pavey Moore, Buzzy & Diane Crowe, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Susie Raese Creech, Priscilla Bagby Hynes, Mary Raese Fifield, Melissa DeFreese Garrett

Shirley Pavey Moore, Bill Johnson, Frank Owen

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 David and Pat Maddox, Frank Owen, Trisha Patterson Tillman, Shirley Pavey Moore, Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Bill and Bunny Johnson,Pat and David Maddox

         Bill and Bunny Jones Johnson          jekyll03-15.jpg (59633 bytes)  
         jekyll03-13.jpg (113617 bytes)          jekyll03-14.jpg (112735 bytes)          Frank Owen and Pat Frontier Maddox          Shirley and Priscilla  
        Buzzy and Dianne Crowe         Patty Gaines Sievers        Trish Patterson Tillman and Bill Johnson         jekyll03-19.jpg (106061 bytes)