Happy 55th Birthday to the

Class of '65

October 5, 2002

Bill and Bette Zell

Dwayne Hassler doing the Gator
Keep dancing no matter
how many people step
on your hands.

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The Cincos, the 
Webmistress &
Steve's Spirit

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David Maddox & Doris Price Cannon set up for the party.

    ?, Pat Frontier Maddox

Rick Ayers

Tommye Crosby

Scotty Coleman, Marc Jordan, Don Hutcheson, Buzzy Crowe

Melissa Defreese Garrett, Rick Ayers, Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Marc Jordan and Joe Dennis

Valerie & Mike Benoit, Joe Dennis, Rick Ayers, Eddie Turner,Priscilla Bagby Hynes

Don Connelly, David Adams, Gene Lee, Melissa Defreese Garrett

Mary Raese Fiefield, Gail Neville Muskus, Kay Judy Connelly, Tommye Crosby, Kim Thompson Harris

Joy Sherman Carter, T-Bone Zell, Mike McCreary,Nancy Powell Wadsworth

Carolyn Lee Ayers, Bill Zell, Susie Zierath Parsons, Doris Price Cannon, ?, Susie Raese Creech, Phil Sprayberry, Mike & Valerie Benoit

Theresa & Gary Fowler, Nora Geer, Mary Rose Thompson Lane

The Varsity Catering Crew

The Varsity Crew

Lynda Hutcheson, Trish Patterson Tillman, Annette Jerow Leahy, Vickie Jordan, Patti Gaines Sievers

left front: Melissa DeFreese Garrett, Denny Hitson , Jim Hardegree the cameraman

Regina and David Adams, Tricia Mashburn Bowers,

Feasting on chili dogs

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Jim Hardegree, Glenn Johnson, Kay Judy Connelly

The Cincos plus the Webmistress (Sally Beggs Thomas, Valerie Wood Benoit, Dennis Paschal, Sherry Huff Goggans,  Ron Foster, Kay Judy Connelly)

The Encore Band

The Troop - Bobby Armstrong, Sherry Huff Goggans, Kay Judy Connelly, Jim Hardegree, Tommye Crosby, David Beckner

Let the dancing begin!

David Digby, Jean and Ted Penrod

Chuck Tolbert and Bonnie Eckles Hansen

Phil (Wayne) Sprayberry and Earl Goggans

Jerry Cannon, Debby and Reggie Shepard, Rick Ayers, Eddie Turner

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Paul Senkbeil, Mary Raese Fifield

Steve Mills, Gene Lee, Reid Garrett, Rick Reyer

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Joe Dennis, Pat Frontier Maddox, Ricky Reyer

Mike and Valerie Benoit, Ricky Reyer

Joy Sherman Carter, Don Hutcheson,

Steve Mills, Bill Johnson hugging Doris Price Cannon

Jim Hardegree, Dianne & Buzzy Crowe

Jerry Cannon, Reggie & Debby Shepard

Gary West on harmonica

Marc Jordan and Don Hutcheson

Annette Jerow Leahy

Bobby Armstrong and Rick (Rickles) Ayers

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Linda Lundy Barisic, Shirley Pavey Moore, Dana and Pete Whitehead celebrating on West Coast

Shirley & Mel Moore, Linda Lundy Barisic, Pete and Dana Whitehead on the West Coast

Alan Hamby, Bonnie Eckles Hansen, Chuck Tolbert

Phyllis Phillips, Joy Sherman Carter, Linda Ogle

Earl and Sherry Goggans, Bunny and Bill Johnson

Dwayne Hassler, Marc Jordan, Dianne and Buzzy Crowe,

?, Mary Rose Thompson Lane, Nora Geer

Jackie Hunt and her daughter

Joe Dennis, Patsy and Eddie Turner

Tommye Crosby & son, Denny Hitson, Kay Judy Connelly, Melissa Defreese Garrett

Pat Frontier Maddox, Janice Pyron Wagoner, Paul Senkbeil, Tricia Reyer

Mary Raese Fifield

Bonnie Eckles Hansen

Phil Sprayberry, Earl Goggans, Linda Ogle

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T-Bone and Bill Zell

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Theresa Fowler, Mary Raese Fifield

Glenn Johnson and Kim Thompson Harris

Annette Jerow Leahy, Marc Jordan, Paul Senkbeil, Janice Pyron Wagoner

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Cindy and David Beckner

Steve and Nancy Buckler

Steve Mills, Mary Raese Fifield

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Ted and Jean Weldon Penrod

Kim Thompson Harris, ?

Gail Neville Muskus, Bill Zell, Kay Judy Connelly

Marc and Vickie Jordan

Gary West, Jerry Cannon, Buzzy and Dianne Crowe

Al McKee, Dane Coleman, Pam McKee

Don Connelly

Reggie and Debby Shepard

Don and Lynda Hutcheson

Kim Thompson Harris

Linda Ogle Dunaway, Scotty Coleman, Bonnie Keaton Chaffin, Dane Coleman

Mary Raese Fifield and T-Bone Zell

Trisha Gaines Sievers, Bobby Armstrong

Susie Zierath Parsons, Jim Parsons, Mike McCreary

Janice Pyron Wagoner, Priscilla Bagby Hynes, Bunny Jones Johnson

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Susie Raese Creech, Bunny Jones Johnson

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And the Brunch, Sunday, Oct. 6th

Paul Senkbeil and Janice Pyron Wagoner

Valerie Wood Benoit, Joey Fey, Christa Benoit Fey

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Mary Raese Fifield

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David & Regina Adams,

Ellen and Phil Sprayberry,