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  February 21, 2004

         Norris & Mary Anne Cruthirds, Larry & Denise Stephenson              Pete & Dana Whitehead, Norris & Mary Anne Cruthirds, Larry & Denise Stephenson             Mary Anne & Norris Cruthirds, Larry & Denise Stephenson, Dana & Pete Whitehead
        Denise&Larry Stephenson, Dana Whitehead, Mary Anne & Norris Cruthirds, Pete Whitehead              Mary Anne Cruthirds, Brooke Whitehead, Denise Stephenson, Dana Whitehead              Pete Whitehead, Larry Stephenson, Norris Cruthirds

   October 28, 2001

 JohnnyLynch'67,DianaLynchSchnaufer,ShirleyJackson'66,PeteWhitehead'63,LindaLundyBarisic    Pete and Dana Whitehead      Johnny and Sue Lynch      LindaLundyBarisic,PeteWhitehead,ShirleyJackson,DanaWhitehead    LindaLundyBarisic,PeteWhitehead,ShirleyJackson

 Bill & Diana Lynch Schnaufer, Joe & Susan Jackson Dahlman, Jim Barisic   Pete and Dana Whitehead, John and Sue Lynch, Susan Jackson Dahlman   Susan Jackson Dahlman, Jim and Linda Lundy Barisic   Diana (Lynch) and Bill Schnaufer   Susan Jackson Dahlman and Linda Lundy Barisic